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Griffin Wood Community Group

Sculpture of a griffin in Griffin Wood, St.Helens
Griffin Wood is the new woodland off Hall Lane, near to Maypole Wood and the Clock Face Country Park. It's being created by Community Forests Northwest and Mersey Forest and hundreds, if not thousands, of young trees have recently been planted there. This month Mersey Forest are holding two meetings to explore the possibility of setting up a community group to develop and manage Griffin Wood in the long term.

Funding has been arranged for orchards, ponds, seating and more sculptures like this one
(pictured above right) which is the focal point of the wood. It's also possible that this group of volunteers could carry out conservation tasks in partnership with the Forestry Commission and help organise community events at other countryside sites in the Sutton area.
A new tree planted in Griffin Wood, St.Helens
I'm guessing that these sites would be the Sutton Manor Woodland, Maypole Wood and Brickfields (by Ibstock) where work is due to start soon on developing a new community woodland.

The meetings are being held at the Chester Lane Community Centre on:

Monday April 16th at 7.30pm
Thursday April 26th
at 7.30pm

Click HERE to read Mersey Forest's own invite to the meetings. Click HERE to view a blog detailing the work undertaken so far at Griffin Wood. Anything that the Forestry Commission and their chums at Mersey Forest do, tends to be done very well with a lot of thought. I'll be supporting this initiative and hopefully many others will too.

Griffin Wood, St.Helens part of the Mersey Forest