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  • Skies of Sutton – 01 (of 18) – Sunrise off Abbotsfield Road looking towards Burtonwood
  • Skies of Sutton – 02 (of 18) – Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton – 03 (of 18) – Early morning over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 04 (of 18) – Sunrise from Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 05 (of 18) – The skies over the Brickfields Woodland
  • Skies of Sutton – 06 (of 18) – A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 07 (of 18) – Looking towards Sutton Academy in Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 08 (of 18) – It’s a new pink day in Sutton Park!
  • Skies of Sutton – 09 (of 18) – Another remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 10 (of 18) – Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton – 11 (of 18) – Flying over the Sutton skies during a World Cup match
  • Skies of Sutton – 12 (of 18) – The sky over Holbrook Close and New Street
  • Skies of Sutton – 13 (of 18) – Sherdley Park looking towards Marshalls Cross Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 14 (of 18) – Taken in Mill Lane. Doesn’t the plane look a bit like a dolphin?
  • Skies of Sutton – 15 (of 18) – Early morning over Lea Green Station
  • Skies of Sutton – 16 (of 18) – The sun is being held up by the Chester Lane telephone exchange!
  • Skies of Sutton – 17 (of 18) – A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 18 (of 18) – A crescent moon and the planet Venus hang over a New Street cottage
'The Skies of Sutton, St. Helens' Slideshow (18 photographs)
Sutton Beauty & Heritage is an illustrated appreciation of the natural and architectural beauty found in the Sutton & Bold district of the vibrant town of St.Helens, located in between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester in the north-west of England. It's also a research-based study of the former Sutton and Bold townships' heritage. See About This Website for more...
Sutton In The News - 138 Years Ago This Week:
At the St Helens Petty Sessions, on Friday, before Lieut.-Col. Gamble and Major Pilkington, Arthur Corke was brought up on remand, on the double charge of deserting from H.M.S. Achilles, and of wounding Sergt. Bee, with intent to murder him. The facts of the case will be in the recollection of our readers, but we may here briefly recapitulate them. On the 8th of October the police received information that Corke had deserted from the above named vessel, and as it was believed he was in the neighbourhood of Sutton, the case was put into the hands of Sergt. Bee, stationed there. On Tuesday, the 10th, having heard that the prisoner was working at the Sutton Rolling Mills, he went there about noon, and asked that the prisoner might be sent for out of the works into the office, which was done. As soon as he saw the officer he took a bottle out of his pocket and drank the contents saying to the sergeant, “I’ve done you now, for I’ve poisoned myself, and you won’t have to take me far.” He then asked for his coat, and also to see a fellow workman named Robert Davies, both of which requests were complied with. He then put on his coat and shook hands with Davies, bidding him “good bye,” but had no sooner done so than he pulled a dagger knife out of his right hand coat pocket and stabbed the officer in the left shoulder, and was about to inflict a second wound when he was seized by Davies, who wrested the knife from him and threw it on the floor. P.C. Nelson was then sent for, and Davies assisted him in securing and handcuffing the prisoner. Sergeant Bee has since been attended by Mr. Martin the police surgeon. For a week he was confined to bed, and was still unable to go on duty. As a proof of the premeditation, it was shown that on Monday the prisoner was seen sharpening this very knife, and was heard to say that he would “make it hot” for any policeman who might attempt to take him. He was committed for trial at the assizes.
Published in St.Helens Newspaper on Tuesday 31st October 1876
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