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A Celebration of the Past & Present of Sutton in St.Helens
Sutton Beauty & Heritage is an illustrated appreciation of the natural and architectural beauty found in the Sutton district of the town of St.Helens, situated in between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester in the north-west of England. It's also a research-based study of the former township's heritage - see About This Website
Ten Facts About the Past & Present of Sutton, St Helens !!!
 The home of the world-famous Jaume Plensa’s Dream sculpture in Sutton Manor
 Where not one but THREE persons' mortal remains are on individual paths to Sainthood
 Sutton's old Intersection Bridge was the first place in the world where two railways crossed
 Where locos were made by J. Cross, E. Borrows and H.W. Johnson at St. Helens Junction
 The home of the former Sherdley Hall and Sherdley Park, the largest park in St. Helens
 Where coal mining and glassmaking gave employment to thousands of men and women
 Where chemical weapons and nerve agents were researched and made at Sutton Oak CDRE
 A rich religious heritage includes St. Nicholas and the former Sutton Monastery & Convent
 Where World War 1 munitions were made at the Sutton Bond factory in Lancots Lane
 The home of 150-year-old Sutton Cricket Club and ex-world champions Sutton Harriers
1. Home of the world-famous Dream sculpture in Sutton Manor
2. Where THREE persons are on individual paths to Sainthood
3. Where many steam locos were made at St. Helens Junction
4. A rich religious heritage with Sutton Monastery and Convent
5. Where World War One munitions were made at Sutton Bond
6. Home of 150-year-old Sutton Cricket Club & Sutton Harriers
7. Where chemical weapons and nerve agents were researched
8. The home of 336 acre Sherdley Park and lovely Sutton Park
9. Where coal mining & glassmaking gave employment to many
10. Intersection bridge where 2 railways crossed was world first
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