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  • Skies of Sutton - 01 – Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton - 02 – The skies over the Brickfields Woodland
  • Skies of Sutton - 03 - Sunrise off Abbotsfield Road looking towards Burtonwood
  • Skies of Sutton - 04 – Early morning over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton - 05 - A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton - 06 – Looking towards Sutton Academy in Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton - 07 – It’s a new pink day in Sutton Park!
  • Skies of Sutton - 08 - Sunrise from Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton - 09 - Another remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton - 10 - Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton - 11 – Flying over the Sutton skies during a World Cup match
  • Skies of Sutton - 12 – The sky over Holbrook Close and New Street
  • Skies of Sutton - 13 – Sherdley Park looking towards Marshalls Cross Road
  • Skies of Sutton - 14 - Taken in Mill Lane. Doesn’t the plane look a bit like a dolphin?
  • Skies of Sutton - 15 – Early morning over Lea Green Station
  • Skies of Sutton - 16 – The sun is being held up by the Chester Lane telephone exchange!
  • Skies of Sutton - 17 – A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
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Sutton Beauty & Heritage is an illustrated appreciation of the natural and architectural beauty found in the Sutton & Bold district of the vibrant town of St.Helens, located in between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester in the north-west of England. It's also a research-based study of the former Sutton and Bold townships' heritage. See About This Website for more...
Sutton In The News - 132 Years Ago This Week:
At St. Helens, yesterday, James Pemberton, farmer, Bold, was charged on remand with assaulting Thomas Lowe, Maypole Farm, Bold, with intent to do him grievous bodily harm. Prosecutor stated that about half-past nine on Saturday night, the 18th March, he went into the Wheat Sheaf Inn, St. Helens Junction, where he found the prisoner and several other persons. Prosecutor had some conversation, and left the house at half-past ten. He saw prisoner about five yards from him, but neither spoke just then. Prosecutor struck out into the private road, leaving Pemberton near the gate. While passing through a ploughed field, he heard running footsteps immediately behind him, and he was in the act of turning round when he was struck and knocked down on his knees. He could not tell what the blow was inflicted with, but it was something harder than a man's fist. He received the blow full on the right eye and fell. He heard Pemberton's voice say, "That is what I came this way for." He got up as soon as he could, and went to Mr. Jones's house, where his eye was bathed and bandaged. Afterwards he was confined to bed for a fortnight. He did not strike the prisoner nor speak to him at the time of the encounter. Dr. Gaskell said there was a wound on the right eye extending right across it. The contents of the eye had escaped, and the cavity was filled with clotted blood. Witness and Dr. Hay removed the remains of the eye. The bench committed the prisoner for trial at the assizes, admitting him to bail, himself in £200 and two sureties of £100 each.
Published in The Liverpool Mercury on Tuesday April 18th 1882
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