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  • Skies of Sutton – 01 (of 18) – Sunrise off Abbotsfield Road looking towards Burtonwood
  • Skies of Sutton – 02 (of 18) – Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton – 03 (of 18) – Early morning over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 04 (of 18) – Sunrise from Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 05 (of 18) – The skies over the Brickfields Woodland
  • Skies of Sutton – 06 (of 18) – A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 07 (of 18) – Looking towards Sutton Academy in Elton Head Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 08 (of 18) – It’s a new pink day in Sutton Park!
  • Skies of Sutton – 09 (of 18) – Another remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 10 (of 18) – Taken in fields off Eltonhead Road opposite Sutton Academy
  • Skies of Sutton – 11 (of 18) – Flying over the Sutton skies during a World Cup match
  • Skies of Sutton – 12 (of 18) – The sky over Holbrook Close and New Street
  • Skies of Sutton – 13 (of 18) – Sherdley Park looking towards Marshalls Cross Road
  • Skies of Sutton – 14 (of 18) – Taken in Mill Lane. Doesn’t the plane look a bit like a dolphin?
  • Skies of Sutton – 15 (of 18) – Early morning over Lea Green Station
  • Skies of Sutton – 16 (of 18) – The sun is being held up by the Chester Lane telephone exchange!
  • Skies of Sutton – 17 (of 18) – A remarkable sunrise over Sherdley Park
  • Skies of Sutton – 18 (of 18) – A crescent moon and the planet Venus hang over a New Street cottage
'The Skies of Sutton, St. Helens' Slideshow (18 photographs)
Sutton Beauty & Heritage is an illustrated appreciation of the natural and architectural beauty found in the Sutton & Bold district of the vibrant town of St.Helens, located in between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester in the north-west of England. It's also a research-based study of the former Sutton and Bold townships' heritage. See About This Website for more...
Sutton In The News - 124 Years Ago This Week:
 Gentlemen, Allow me to expose the wretched train service of the London and North-western Railway Company between Warrington and St. Helens. As a frequent traveller between Warrington and Sutton Oak (81/2 miles), I have never yet covered the distance under 40 minutes, and very seldom that. Twice within a month has the 7 18 p.m. train from Warrington been very late, arriving at St. Helens Junction at eight o’clock and five minutes past, only to find the St. Helens train had gone, so I have had to walk nearly a mile, or else wait for the next train. - PUNCTUALITY
Published in the Liverpool Mercury on Monday November 24th 1890
Sutton In The News - 49 Years Ago This Week:
'MORE MINERS STAY DOWN - From Our Correspondent, St. Helens'
 Nine miners were tonight defying the Coal Board by continuing their "stay-down" strike more than 2,000ft. below ground at Clock Face colliery, St. Helens. The dispute spread throughout the day and by tonight only 30 coalface workers were on duty and more than 180 were on unofficial strike in support of the nine men. The cause of the dispute is still in doubt. Several of the miners on strike today said that it was a protest against a National Coal Board plan to close the colliery over a period of eight months, although a vast amount of coal was still available. Other mines and N.U.M. officials said the men were protesting against the prolonged closure and the notices served on 200 miners which expire this weekend.
Published in The Times on Friday, November 26th 1965
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